Below is a list of tips for submitting issues and pull requests. These are suggestions and not requirements.

Submitting Issues

Issues are often easier to reproduce/resolve when they have:

  • A pull request with a failing test demonstrating the issue
  • A code example that produces the issue consistently
  • A traceback (when applicable)

Pull Requests

When creating a pull request, try to:

  • Write tests if applicable
  • Note important changes in the CHANGES file
  • Update the README file if needed
  • Update the documentation if needed
  • Add yourself to the AUTHORS file
  • Conform to PEP8 for code contributions


You will need tox and coverage installed to run the tests on your code:

$ pip install tox coverage

To run the tests and generate a coverage report (in htmlcov directory):

$ make test-all

Please note: Before a pull request can be merged, all tests must pass and code/branch coverage in tests must be 100%.